Organizational Diagnosis Role in the Development of NAFTAL's Strategy E.MORIN & A.SAVOIE Model

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The responsibility of Top Managers provides the future view of the institution and surrounds it with a clearly defined strategy. Achieving organizational effectiveness depends on the extent of its ability to manage the relationship between its strategy and organizational structure.

         The organizational diagnosis models are the most important tools used by the specialists to develop a strategy compatible with the circumstances for assisting the corporation to achieve and contribute a successful corporate strategy towards achieving the desired goals by providing accurate information that has become an urgent necessity.

In this study, we analyzed the National Petroleum Marketing and Distribution Corporation–NAFTAL using the E. MORIN & A. SAVOIE model. The study concluded that the presence in a highly competitive environment is considered as a threat to the Petroleum Corporation and therefore, its aim is seeking to preserve its position in the market and enhancing the quality of its marketing and distribution services.


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BELBACHIR, G. ., BENKHEDDA, Z., & HADJEM , M. (2020). Organizational Diagnosis Role in the Development of NAFTAL’s Strategy : E.MORIN & A.SAVOIE Model . El-Bahith Review, 20(1), 115–129. Retrieved from