Maghreb migration in France statistical reading from the employment survey 2012 (INSEE)

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Nacer-Eddine HAMMOUDA


Estimating Maghreb migrations in France is often confronted with the remarkable lack of statistics. The aim of this article is to analyze this migration through the results of the employment survey in 2012 (INSEE) as the main source in order to nuance a lot of a priori conveyed on the Maghreb migration to France. We have shown that for the Maghreb countries, these statistics do not distinguish clearly between immigrants and non-immigrants. Finally, the results of this survey confirm that the Maghreb immigrants (place of birth and nationality) in France from the 1960s to the year 2012 represent the most fragile category in terms of the precariousness of schooling, education and employment in France.


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HAMMOUDA , N.-E., & OUTALEB, N. (2021). Maghreb migration in France: statistical reading from the employment survey 2012 (INSEE). El-Bahith Review, 20(1), 279–291. Retrieved from