Quantification of some risks of civil liability

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Ahmed Mohammed Marwan Jaber


Different environmental risks are difficult to be grouped in one group that deals with the same method of pricing. Getting accurate statistics about the risk of environmental pollution is difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the size of the expected loss as a result of pollution for drawing the environmental policy in the country and price an insurance policy against these risks.

The process of measuring the environmental risk pollution is subjected to theories of risk and its familiar standardized measurement methods in risk science and management. From a practical point of view, mathematical statistics tools are used in data collection and testing the quality of these data compatibility with the appropriate probability distribution and estimation of distribution parameters in order to financially estimation of  the pollution results.

On the practical side, the researcher quantified some of the civil liability risks resulting from the cement exhaust on the factory workers. These risks represented in early death and treatment of diseases caused by the cement exhaust, in addition quantification of lost productivity during treatment period.  The final step is quantification of cement exhaust risk on the environment represented in its effect on: plants, buildings, materials and means of production.


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